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It is not every day that you get to go out and buy a brand new Volkswagen. You have scrimped and saved and now you have a substantial down payment. Now you just need to decide which model you are going to purchase. To see more about the models click here or continue reading to learn more about all of your options.


The 2013 Passat has a European refinement that is indicative of the Volkswagen name. It does have the option of a diesel engine like some Volkswagen models do which is a plus for many people. It did go through a small redesign from the 2012 model and it now has the option of a review camera and Wolfsburg trim level among other small changes. The pros of the Passat include plenty of legroom and a larger than normal truck space. The cons are a longer-than-normal brake time and the throttle seems a bit slow to respond. Overall it receives high marks.


The 2013 Jetta has an all new hybrid model joining the lineup making it a spectacular choice for eco-conscious individuals. Although the perks of the bye-gone era of the Jetta, like adjustable armrests or rear-seat air vents, are no longer found, there are great points still to be had. The Jetta has 2 more inches of back legroom than the Chevy Cruze or Honda Civic and it has a stellar 5 more inches of legroom than the Ford Focus. When test driving, make sure to include the Jetta on your list of cars to try out.


You can’t talk about VW’s without mentioning the legendary Beetle. The 2013 Beetle has the addition of a turbo charged engine giving it some great get up and go power. Although the engine is turbo charged it still boasts an impressive 41 mpg fuel rating. The other new bonus to the 2013 line up is a soft-top convertible option available to sun lovers everywhere. To learn more about the Beetle and other VW models click here. However, it is certain that no matter which model Volkswagen you choose you will be more than satisfied.

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