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When the dentist tells you to see an orthodontist, you do not question it. If your family doctor says to see the ear, nose, and throat specialist, you do it. However, some people become frustrated that their auto mechanic tells them they will need to go see a transmission place, like Access Transmission Services, or some other similar place. The reality is this is much like the dentist or doctor telling you to see specialists in their fields.

Skip a Step and Go Straight to the Specialist

While you may not be able to skip a step with the dentist or doctor analogies, you can skip the auto mechanic in the case of your transmission. If you know that the issue with your car is the transmission, go straight to a transmission shop. Save the time and money of going to your regular auto mechanic. This is wise on your part to do this. This is where your transmission will end up anyways, so this will speed the process up.

Deciding to Repair the Transmission or Get a New Car

When a major problem comes up on a car, such as a transmission going out, some people will automatically assume that it is better to buy a new car rather than repair the transmission. However, this is because they are making assumptions on the repair cost. There are many things to be considered before this decision should be made. First, don’t make any assumptions. Take the car to a transmission place and ask for an assessment. They can talk to you, look over the car, and have a good idea of what the problem is and what your cost may be. Once you have that fact, you can then begin to honestly assess the situation. It may be tempting to entertain the thought of a new car, but the reality is the cost is always much higher on a new car. If you did not have plans in your budget to buy a new car in the near future, you are usually going to be better off having a place like Access Transmission Services repair your transmission. You will be glad when it is done that you did not commit to another three to five years of car payments.

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