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Accidents can happen in every kind of workplace. When they require a rescue, it’s wise to have exactly the right kind of rescue and rescuers on hand. Many rescue programs only feature canned classes with a “one size fits all” attitude and no concept of how certain types of rescues aren’t likely to be necessary in specific workplaces. Industries can end up with rescuers so focused on the idea of handling only particular types of rescue scenarios that they may completely fail at handling a specific situation they were not trained to handle.

Instead of sending out for help from search and rescue teams when trouble strikes, another viable solution in this progressive age is to have your own employees trained to handle needed rescues. They work around the equipment and locations every day and understand far better how everything works. Knowing how to handle the type of rescues that might become necessary in their specific workplaces can lead to far more efficient and headache-free rescues when the time comes. Having your employees all train together will also strengthen the bonds of trust between them and lead to a better work output in general.

You can choose from many different types of rope rescue training for industrial employees, from height rescue training and dam rescue training to tower rescue training, confined space rescue training and more. Instead of learning in a stale classroom, the instructors teach on-site in familiar surroundings, making the lessons come to life and sink in much better. The workplace can be used to demonstrate the actual scenarios your employees may face in rescue situations, while the equipment can be examined for possible hazards. This solution also eliminates the need to pay for your employees to travel off-site for classes.

All classes are customized based on your specific needs at your workplace. Your employees will be evaluated to determine their current training levels and the classes will be designed to give them the proper challenges. If needed, the material will fit with OSHA, NFPA or other standards. If you feel your workplace needs to be prepared for any possible rescue situations that might happen, and if you want your employees to be ready to handle anything from embarrassing and inconvenient instances of getting trapped in small spaces to life and death rescues from heights, it’s certainly worth looking into for the future. Being prepared is always wise.

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