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Doesn’t it always seem like you need a furnace repair in Indianapolis at the most inconvenient times? The furnace always tends to break down when you are about to have family stay over or you planned a big party at your house. Even if you do have a furnace issue, you can rest at ease because the most common furnace problems don’t actually take a huge amount of time to fix.

Not Enough Heat

If you turn up your heat, but your home still feels cold, you may have a furnace issue. Before you call a heating expert, check your air filter. The air filter can fill up will dust, pet hair, and other airborne substances that will clog it up. By replacing your filter, you may find that you have fixed the problem yourself.

Another common issue when you don’t have enough heat is damaged duct work. You can inspect the ductwork to see if there are holes or if the seams are coming apart. You should leave this type of repair to the professionals so that you can fix the problem permanently.

No Heat

Are your teeth chattering as you try and figure out why your furnace is broken? To prevent the heat from completely shutting down, it is a good idea to have your furnace undergo yearly maintenance so that issues can be fixed before it’s so cold in your house you could make an igloo.

Before you call a serviceman, you should check your breaker to make sure that there is energy going to the furnace. If you have the power on, you should call a professional. A common problem when the furnace simply won’t turn on is an inhibited or closed valve. Opening the valve can potentially be dangerous without proper training, so you should call a professional if the heat doesn’t come after you checked the power source.

Too Much Money

If your energy bill is through the roof during the winter, you may be in need of a furnace repair. As furnaces age, they tend to be less efficient. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, you may have to consider a replacement.

The best way to know if your furnace still has life in it is to contact your experts in furnace repair in Indianapolis. They will help get your furnace running or help you decide if a new furnace is in your future.

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