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The hardest thing that most people have to deal with when talking about their vehicles is they do not have anyone that they can take the vehicle to that they trust. It is always hard to trust a mechanic when you do not understand anything about engines. That means hoping that the mechanic’s need to treat you right overrides his or her needs to feed the family or pay bills. Finding a mechanic you can trust like the ones at Ramy’s Garage can be easier if both you and the mechanic know that you will bring your vehicle to the shop every time that you need something.

Building Trust

There are no relationships that come with trust built right in. It takes time to build that trust, and time means that it takes visits to see the same person again and again. When you take your vehicle to a fast oil change place for its regular maintenance needs, you probably do not visit the same location every time. These fast oil places have a chilling effect on the entire industry because they always seem to be trying to upsell their services. You can get the basic oil change but for $5 more you can get the deluxe oil change. Synthetic oil costs more. How are those windshield wipers working for you? Here is your air filter. It looks pretty good, but you can get better mileage if you change it out. Do you want to do that?

A Regular Mechanic

Some of these questions are helpful, like the windshield wiper question, because the mechanic cannot know if they are still good, or if you need new ones. Other questions just sound like they are trying to wheedle more money out of you. It does nothing to build trust for the industry. The other part of the equation is that these places do not repair vehicles. Even if you build a relationship, when you need a repair, you will still need a place like Ramy’s Garage to take the vehicle to. If you had a regular mechanic do the vehicle maintenance, you will already know what to expect and how much you can trust them to give you the right information.

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