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November 14th, 2013 | Author:

Picking out a new vehicle can be a very stressful process; there are a lot of different things to consider. Committing to a vehicle can be scary if you haven’t considered all of the things you need and want from a new vehicle. Before you start looking at and test driving new vehicles, you probably want to decide on what you need from your vehicle so that you can narrow your search exclusively to those vehicles that meet your criteria. So, before you visit some Chevy dealers in Chicago, here are some needs and wants you should consider so you can make the right decision.

What Features Do You Need?

First, you need to figure out what features you need in a new vehicle. You’ll need to decide on vehicle size—do you need a lot of passenger space, a lot of cargo space, or a more compact-sized vehicle? After answering that question, you will need to determine what kind of mileage you’ll be putting on your vehicle—are you going to be making long commutes and travels, or will you be using your new vehicle for shorter errands? Finally, you need to ask yourself about the driving conditions your car will need to be able to handle—will you be driving in snow, ice, rain, etc.? Answering this question will help you decide on the driving capabilities you need. After answering these questions, you can consider what features you want in addition to those that you need.

What Features Do You Want?

There are a lot of different optional features you can look for. You may want to consider some safety features you would like your new vehicle to have, like rear cameras for backing up or blind spot alerts that signal to you when objects are in your blind spot. Next, you can consider luxury features you may want, like leather seats, heating/cooling seats and steering wheel, a GPS system, a high-quality stereo system, Bluetooth capabilities, etc. Picking out which features you want and need from your vehicle can make selecting a car from Chevy dealers in Chicago a lot less stressful.

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August 08th, 2013 | Author:

When you need to replace your current vehicle, money is an important consideration in your choice. Before you go shopping for an SUV, van, or Chevy Malibu in Wheeling, IL, it is important to have made decisions regarding your finances. Going armed with your financial decisions already made gives you confidence and power when working with a dealership’s sales rep. Therefore, before you go test driving a car, consider the following financial tips:

  • Determine how much you will spend.
  • Remember add-ons and taxes.
  • Look for financing options.

Determine Your Spending Limit

This is the very first step to take before test driving or even looking at a new car. Otherwise, you might get your heart set on something that you cannot afford. Begin by calculating your income and expenses. As you analyze those figures, realistically set a maximum amount for a car payment. Resist the temptation to spend all the extra money in your monthly budget. You never know when you will have to pay for an unexpected medical expense or a new kitchen appliance.

Remember Add-Ons and Taxes

Based on the amount that you have to spend on a monthly payment, you can find vehicles that fit within your budget. It is important to remember, though, that the cost of the vehicle is not the only thing that determines the monthly payment. You have to remember to include variables such as the interest rate you get, taxes, and the costs of any add-ons. Of course, if you have a down payment, you will be able to afford a more expensive car, and any amount that you put down will not be subject to interest.

Look for Financing before Shopping

When you have figured out your budget, you can begin to search for financing. Check with your bank or credit union. Check with dealerships that sell a Chevy Malibu in Wheeling, IL. Check on the Internet for different lending options. Different financing options cater to different needs. For instance, some specialize in helping customers with little credit or bad credit. Others cater to those with excellent credit. Looking at several places may take a little bit of time but will ensure you get the best interest rate possible.

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