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October 09th, 2013 | Author:

If you’re looking to promote your online business, SEO is still the most effective way to do so. It is also the cheapest way to advertise. You can spend thousands of dollars with paid advertising but that does not guarantee that you will get the traffic you need for your website.

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Seo can get your site ranked in the top page of search engines by simply using your keyword. When you’re in the top, everything follows through — more traffic, more income and quick ROI. People use the search engines to look for something, but they won’t spend hours going from page to page just to find what they are looking for. Once a searcher types a keyword and the results appear, he would just click on the first links that he sees on the first page. Don’t tell me you don’t do that. So you see, it matters that your link is there.

The Seo’s job doesn’t end there, however. Getting you on top doesn’t mean you will be there forever. There are still a lot of things that have to be done to keep you there and a good Seo will see to it that you get your money’s worth and that you stay on top of the list for as long as you want.

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September 13th, 2013 | Author:

I’m sure by now you already heard of the word BLOG. Derived from the words web log by Jorn Barger, a blog is an online diary where the author writes about his thoughts, opinions and informative articles. Comments are usually allowed so there is an interaction between the blogger and his readers. Blogs are authored by individuals but there are also blogs authored by several people or a group.

According to stats, in February 2011 alone, there were over 156 million public blogs created. Thousands are being created daily as more and more people learn about them. Another reason blogs became popular is because people earn from them in the form of advertising. This could be through banners, widgets, text links or written reviews.

Blogs continue to grow rapidly no wonder advertisers are leaning more in this form of advertising.

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June 21st, 2013 | Author:

Ever since smart phones were introduced, developers have shifted their focus. More and more apps are being created to give us am enhanced internet user experience. There is an application for every kind of service. Even entertainment and game aps are giving us a great recreational and relaxing experience. Even the mainstream media had taken notice and has developed their own apps. Businesses are expanding their reach and even the service industry is using mobile computing to their own advantage. It just keeps getting better.

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June 17th, 2013 | Author:

Even the pros will be put to shame. Professionally made designs are now made available at very affordable prices. Software developers have come up with a specialized program to aid the printing industry. Designing is made easy and inexpensive. There is now Web To Print Software which companies can utilize for their printing jobs. Little by little, technology helps to make business easier to run with minimal operating cost.

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June 17th, 2013 | Author:

Delays to projects sometimes cannot be avoided. When you outsource, you have to be ready for any eventuality. I’ve experienced this many times. Our office has hired a graphic designer to somehow lessen the risk of delay. He is tasked to design all our materials. These are either outsourced or we use online printing. A friend has used for brochure printing online. It came out weel and we intend to use them in the future.

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April 22nd, 2012 | Author:

I love watching videos. Unfortunately, may laptop cannot play some formats. My media player does not support some video and audio formats. Searching for a player that supports these brought me to a great download, the vlc player download. It’s totally free and feature-packed. Installing it was very easy. It even supports all operating systems including the android. Now, I can enjoy all my media files without any glitches.

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October 22nd, 2010 | Author:

My son is getting to be tech savvy. He’s so curious about so many things about the internet and its ins and outs. From developing sites to how networks work, he’s trying to get answers to his questions. He is gaining interest. I really leave it to my kids on what career paths to take. If my son’s passion continues, he may choose an IT course in college. It may not be a bad choice as IT Jobs abound. At the rate information technology is progressing, IT  will be a very thing.

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August 31st, 2010 | Author:

It has been more than a year now since I started this blog. I wanted it to be my own so I don’t have to be tied up with restrictive controls which free hosts impose on you. Friends had recommended to me different web hosts. These are the ones that host their blogs. Not nearly convinced, I did some checking of my own. I searched the net for the top webhosting sites around. I checked each and every one. I chose the one which would suit my needs. Web hosts cater to different users and I enlisted the services of one that could help out a newbie like me.

They did as was promised. I had no knowledge about setting up a website of my own. Their technician walked me through the process. We did this through their online chat which was great. Before I knew it, my blog had been set up. So far, I’ve been very satisfied. They have been a wonderful web host which led me to recommend them to my friends. Now, even my friends are loyal clients. With a very able and supportive staff, I don’t see me or any of my friends switching hosts.

If you want to have your blog, do what I did. I’m sure you’ll find the right host to address your needs.

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May 12th, 2010 | Author:

Do you find browsing a bit boring at times? I know, I do. So I play my MP3 list or surf the different news sites. What if while surfing you can play or even make new friends without joining a social network? That would be a fine idea if I may say so. Meeting people, striking up a conversation or even playing tag and earning points for upgrades, that what the  ZombieDobby Toolbar is all about. It allows you to search, receive your emails, play and chat all by a simple click of the mouse. It protects your privacy and does not store any personal information. Simply download and install the toolbar and choose your username. Your identity will remain confidential.

If you join the community now, you can even win a Sony Playstation 3 console if you’re the first round of their Beta version. You’ll have your own ranking and profile and can tag a fellow user you encounter when surfing the net. Fun and easy to play, the game is incorporated in the toolbar itself. No need to log on to any network, your username is your pass.

Add more enjoyment to your surfing experience. Let ZombieDobby be your passport to fun and friendship.

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