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March 08th, 2014 | Author:

I do alot of traveling and I prefer to carry some basic personal things. Aside from toiletries, I bring along a couple of ccustom travel mugs. I would rather reuse than be a part of the waste problem. It’s not really an inconvenience for me. They’re light and can be washed easily. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Going green isn’t hard, it’s actually very easy and fulfilling.

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May 05th, 2012 | Author:

Texas Barnett Shale gas drilling rig near Alvarado, Texas(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News reports coming out ofOhiostate that hydraulic fracturing in the shale wells are producing at a higher rate than traditional wells. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources received information that the gas wells are producing both dry gas and wet gas. Wet gas contains other elements such as propane and butane.

The Good News about “Fracking”

Although the process of hydraulic fracturing has some risks, it has proven it is a real success for Ohio. A single well in the Utica Shale reportedly produced 300 times more natural gas than a vertically drilled well. The process, known as “fracking,” uses chemically laced water to push gases out of the shale formations.

The benefits of hydraulic fracturing are:

  • New jobs in otherwise economically depressed areas
  • Large supplies of clean burning natural gas
  • Reduced energy costs for consumers

Although many opponents to “fracking” would have consumers believe the process is more dangerous than beneficial, most energy companies commit to the communities they work in. The process is not federally regulated because each state has different geological features. The states regulate the process.

The states engaged in hydraulic fracturing are enjoying higher employment rates, increases in royalty payments, and increased tax revenues.  The increased production of natural gas also offers power plants a cleaner option for producing energy. Gas is better for air quality than coal. Traditionally, coal has been the primary source of fuel for power plants.

New Plants Planned to Process Wet Gas

With such positive reports coming from the Utica Shale exploration, plans are in place to develop two new processing plants and a pipeline. Although most experts are conservative about the future, the early success of hydraulic fracturing activity inEastern Ohiohas developers poised to turn the area into an economic success story. Companies expect to pay more than one billion dollars to workers.

Although there are only a few players exploring the Utica Shale in the early phases, experts expect as many as 10 companies to cash in on the drilling potential. Naturally, jobs come with companies, so most call this a capital venture success story.

UticaShale Represents a Bright Future

One of the biggest concerns for Americans is the high cost of energy. To date, most alternative energy sources are expensive. World events, and their effects on oil and gas futures, drive the cost of fuel to alarming prices. Natural gas is abundant in many parts of the nation, so the positive news coming out ofOhiogives the country hope for lower fuel costs.

High fuel costs have historically affected other industries such as tourism and food production. The natural gas boom gives energy experts an inexpensive way to increase consumer optimism, and ultimately, the national economy with a safe and cost-effective energy source.

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April 17th, 2012 | Author:

The environment services is doing a cleanup in our area. There had been some flooding in our street and they suspect trash as the culprit. A buildup of trash may have caused the problem. Armed with a trash pump, a service crew is doing emergency maintenance work on the drainage at the corner of our street. I hope they finish soon, I have to drive another block just to get home.

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November 30th, 2011 | Author:

I have an old printer which I still use. It’s reliable but its ink cartridges are hard to come by. I’ve heard of recycled toner cartridges. Recycled? That’s a good alternative than buying new ones! I can save from the cost and I can help the environment as well. I’ve already made my first order. My favorite printer will be saved from the scrapyard. I’m going green.

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May 29th, 2011 | Author:

No shooting but simply watching, that’s what my son and his friends do. They are birdwatchers. Armed with his steiner binoculars, he would spend countless hours observing in the wild or in our community. It’s nice to see them take interest in wildlife without harming any creature. They’re a different breed of predators. It is comforting to know that the future of the other inhabitants will be secured.

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February 26th, 2011 | Author:

I love cleaning my car. I rarely go to a car wash and have somebody else do the cleaning for me. From the engine to the interior, I don;t mind spending hours just to clean my little baby. To lessen the impact on the environment, I only use green cleaning products. I try as much as possible to limit contaminating even my waste water. I try to do my share in keeping everything clean and green.

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January 08th, 2011 | Author:

The weather’s really messed up. We’re hitting record temperatures. The tail end of the cold front has been sweeping the central part of the country. Rains and floods had been wreaking havoc in several provinces. Landslides were uncommon. I cannot imagine how the homeless can cope with the cold. I do not know how long this condition will linger. The longer it lasts, the more problems it would create. At present, the agriculture sector has been the hardest hit. I hope this cold spell will soon pass.

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July 15th, 2010 | Author:

As usual, the weather forecasters got it wrong again. Last Tuesday night, typhoon Basyang struck the main island of Luzon. Forecasters predicted that it would hit the north. Lo and behold! With barelt two hours befor it hit, they changed their prediction. The typhoon would now hit Metro Manila direwctly. Two hours was just too late because by the time they made the new warning, the pwoer was already down. No radio or television transmission. Metro Manila was in total darkness and unaware of the devastation it faced.

Thank Go it was nowhere near Ondoy’s strength which devastated the entire Luzon island. Still it left more than two dozen dead and millions in damaged infrastructure. The next day created chaos but the efficient response of government quickly returned sanity. The light rails did not work as power was down most of the day. Isolated traffic jams were experienced by motorists.

Despite having limited resources, government agencies was able to reach typhoon victims. Even the coastguard was able to recover lost fishermen within the day. We’ve managed to get back on our feet quickly despite the downed power lines and downed cell sites.

Typhoon Basyang is only second typhoon to hit the country after we experienced El Niño. We have an average of 22 typhoons a year with the few last ones being the most dangerous. With the former administration depleting our calamity funds, I wonder how the current dispensation will address the coming disasters? I just hope that God be kinder to us and our new government.

April 29th, 2010 | Author:

This summer’s one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. Even the wind is so hot and the air is humid. Going out is torture and I cannot stand how sticky I feel after going out for just a few minutes. Standing under a shade doesn’t help a bit. Fans and air conditioners doesn’t do much.

The obvious culprit is global warming. We better wake up or Mother Nature will surely teach us a lesson we’ll all regret.

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March 05th, 2010 | Author:

After Haiti, it was Chile, now Taiwan. The frequency of earthquakes has increased around the world. It has caused many countries to update their disaster preparedness. Mother Nature’s on a warpath because of our abuses. We now experience extreme weather conditions. Unless we drastically change our ways, we’ll be facing more disasters in the future. We really need to look after our planet earth, it’s the only home we have.

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