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June 17th, 2013 | Author:

I love cigars and I colect them too. My favorite cigar store recently closed and I suddenly found myself without my favorite smokes. I was able to find a host of online cigar retailers when I had the chance to search the web. I never knew that there are many sites which carry my favorite brands. They even carry the rare ones and has great deals on some upcoming brands which I would definitely try out. My cigars are now only a click away.

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April 29th, 2013 | Author:

Even if I have stopped smoking already, I still need to buy a few boxes of cigars for my grandfather. He and his friends meet up every Saturday for a mahjong and cigar session. They take turns in bringing tobacco and every time his turn comes, I am tasked to buy a few boxes of premium cigar brands. I have to be careful in choosing their favorite brands. I cannot just buy anything or I will be scolded. One time I made a mistake of buying cheaper ones to help him save money but he ended up spending more. None of them wanted to try it out because they did not know the brand. I had to rush back to the cigar store to buy the premium brands. I learned my lesson and since then, I never bought brands that they don’t know.

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November 23rd, 2012 | Author:

It’s a perfect Thanksgiving for me. A valued client had sent me a box of Padron cigars. I’m ecstatic. I’ve been handling their account for almost a decade now and became close friends with the owner. It’s an early bonus for me. He knows how much I love these cigars. It’s more than a professional relationship. Our families have become close too. I love my job and the new friends that come with it.

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March 27th, 2012 | Author:

I love rewarding myself after a successful project. Nothing beats a glass of brandy and a good smoke. I would pour myself a glass, retreat to my study. A box of perdomo cigars is on hand for that gratifying smoke. I would play my favorite jazz album, lay on the couch. I’m not into big celebrations. I just a quiet time for myself and congratulate myself for doing another great job.

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March 27th, 2012 | Author:

Some humidors being sold at for storing your cigars.

Do you smoke cigars? Contrary to what some other people may think, cigars are different from cigarettes. Cigars are dried and fermented tobacco that are tightly-rolled by a dried but bigger tobacco leaf. On the other hand, cigarettes are made from cheaper, low-grade tobacco and they contain additional chemicals.

Cigars are in their best condition when they are freshly-made and they can turn bland and flavorless if they are not stored properly. Many cigar smokers store their cigars in humidors to ensure that the cigars maintain their quality and freshness. Humidors are cases made of plastic or metal and have sponges inside to maintain a constant level of humidity that is best for cigars. is a site that offers various cigars such as Oliva cigars, Padron cigars, Rocky Patel cigars, and many more. Aside from their wide selection of cigars, also offers cigar accessories such as ashtrays, lighters, cutters and punchers, and humidors, among others. Below are some humidors that you can find at

  • Aluminum Traveler Cigar Humidor. A classy and elegant way of bringing your cigars with you when you travel, this aluminum cigar humidor can hold up to 20 cigars. It comes with a stainless steel guillotine cutter, a 2-finger stainless steel cigar tube, and a 1-cigar stainless steel ashtray – everything you will need when you crave for a cigar smoke.

  • Golf Bag 8 Cigar Humidor. With its casual, stylish, and interesting design, this humidor is perfect for the consummate golfer. It can only hold up to 8 cigars which is perfect for a quick round at the greens. You can easily clip it on to your golf bag and it even includes a side pocket for accessories.

  • Ravello 300 Cigar Humidor. For the ultimate cigar aficionados, this elegant humidor is huge with its multiple drawers that can hold up to 300 cigars. You can even have your initials or your name engraved on its brass nameplate and your cigars are kept secure with the gold-plated lock and key. Among its other notable features are its high gloss pummeled burl finish, two-felt lined drawers, 2 large rectangle humidifiers, 1 glass hygrometer with brass frame, and SureSeal technology to ensure proper lid seal.

  • Capri 50 Cigar Humidor Starter Kit. This medium-sized humidor that comes with mahogany finish is perfect for those who are just starting to grow their fascination for cigars. It can hold up to 50 cigars and comes with 1 round humidifier, 1 hygrometer with brass frame, SureSeal technology to ensure proper lid seal, premium kiln dried Spanish cedar lining, Spanish cedar divider, 3 cigar burl ashtray with brass insert, 2 cigar leather carrying case, 1 stainless steel guillotine cutter, and a beginner’s guide to smoking cigars booklet. With everything that comes with it, this humidor will be equally perfect as a gift.
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August 05th, 2011 | Author:

My buddy just came from a tour of South America. Sharing the same passion, he brought back a wonderful present for me. I grinned when he handed me a box of cohiba cigars dominican. We went to the porch to try them out. He told me about his trip as we sipped scotch. The cigars were a welcome addition to my collection.

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January 18th, 2011 | Author:

I got a few unusual gifts last Christmas. I am a big cigar man and a few of my buddies gave me cigars bundles for Christmas. Thankfully, they gave me different flavors. In total, they must have given me an entire year’s supply. I have smoked quite a few and they’re a good nightcap after a hard day at work. My friends really know how to keep me relaxed.

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December 27th, 2010 | Author:

I have a surprise for my buddies this New Year. They’ll be coming over for a barbecue party. I’ve got my meats and poultry prepared. They all love my steaks but I’ve gotten them a special treat. It has been an after-meal routine that we smoke just to get things leveled. I have a cigars sampler that they’ll surely love. They’re all cigar aficionados and this will surely give them a rush. I can almost see how their faces would light up when they see what I have in store for them.

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July 23rd, 2010 | Author:

I always have a nightcap before I sleep. A good smoke sets me up for a good sleep. A friend sent me a carton of Black and Mild cigars. I find it smooth and the aroma is great. I’m a cigar aficionado and I must say it’s one of the best smokes I’ve had. I have to let my cigar buddies try this. I’ll ask my friend to send me some more.

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April 24th, 2010 | Author:

I’m a cigar aficionado and every now and then, my buddies and I flock to our favorite cigar bar to sample their new smokes. Even when we play our monthly round of golf, we smoke our favorite cigars during our lull in play. My buddy Ray brought a pack  of romeo cigars one time and we tried it after our round. I must admit that we were impressed by its rich taste and silky wrap. It’s comparable to some of our favorite brands. There’s nothing better than a good smoke after playing golf with your friends.

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