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August 21st, 2012 | Author:

My wife is too excited to shop for catering equipment.  She has long dreamed to have her own catering business and I am happy to see that dream taking shape.  She and her sister have partnered together; she will do most of the cooking and other operations while her sister will manage the technical side.  The ladies have three parties coming up in a couple of weeks and they are hoping to finish their shopping before the week ends.  I am too excited for them; I know my wife will enjoy her new job because this is what she loves to do.

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August 07th, 2012 | Author:

I’ve been eating at the same diner for more than a decade now. Not only is it near my office, they also serve good food. It’s no wonder they’ve been in business for twenty five years. They have adjusted with the times. You can tell by equipment they use. They now have a panasonic professional microwave and a convection stove top. They’ve also redone the place several times. They really do not have to reinvent themselves, the place has a huge loyal clientele. I have even made friends with some of their regular customers. It’s the kind of diner where all kinds of people from all walks of life come to enjoy home-cooked meals.

People from out-of-town come in to savor the diner’s iconic meatloaf. Great recipes have ben passed on through the generations. A couple of grandchildren now work the counter. Pictures of celebrities and VIPs line the walls of the diner. During lunch, a throng of people snakes up to the corner waiting their turn to takeout their midday repast. I don’t think this place will never close shop. Like the owners, their customers are of several generations too. Kids whose parents have taken them their now are also loyal clients. The place is not just a diner, it is an institution.

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July 07th, 2012 | Author:

My friend owns a small online business but a very successful one. He has managed to increase his clientele and has quite a big database. Human error cannot be avoided and sometimes, some encoders tend to be sloppy. To protect his business, he is covered by an e & o insurance. This way, he’s protected from business- threatening lawsuits that could arise from sloppy employees. Every business needs a shield.

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February 04th, 2012 | Author:

I went to the docks to pickup my shipment of parts. There were so many steel buildings that dotted the area and finding the right building was quite a stock. After searching and a lot of asking around, I finally located the right one. After finishing all the paperwork and paying the customs duties, I was able to get my crate. My liaison officer called in sick so I had to do the pickup myself.

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February 02nd, 2012 | Author:

We’ve just finished checking our stocks in our warehouse. We do this during the first month of the year. Every stockman has a barcode scanner when we do our inventory. Every data is sent directly to our central computer. We print a list of what is in stock and what needs to be ordered. The system makes our operations more efficient.

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October 04th, 2011 | Author:

My favorite bistro is getting a makeover. I always have my afternoon snack there. They make one mean submarine sandwich. After years of excellent food and service, it’s getting new restaurant equipment as well as a new counter. It will take a couple of weeks before they reopen their doors to their loyal clients. So for the next two weeks, I’ll be having franks sold at a cart outside my office.

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May 21st, 2011 | Author:

Handling events and promos demands speed. A day late can lead to disastrous results. With competion getting tighter due to the economy, getting out of the gates quicker than a competitor is a must. To save time and money on my projects, I depend on direct mail printing. It cuts the time and reaches my intended clients faster. I simply give my mailing list to my printers and they take care of the individual recipients. A  messenger service company takes care of my distribution. So far, this system has given me an edge. In marketing, itme is of the essence. The early bird catches the worm.

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September 29th, 2010 | Author:

My body just put up a plant which manufactures personalized and specialized mag wheels. It has several CNC machines that are all connected to a main control room. This way, they can churn out rims at a higher rate and at a faster pace. Human intervention is lessened by a system enclosed in a sturdy rack mount computer. Awed, all I could say was that this is one hi-tech ops.

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September 26th, 2010 | Author:

One thing I learned in running a successful business is to value customers especially your loyal regulars. They are the lifeline of your establishment no matter how big or small it is. There us an unspoken contract for you to give the best service possible. Any businessman would know this.

This is not the case with the Elanes Bowling Center where we hold our weekly league. Even before the center was finished, I already told the owner that we would like to hold our league there. We were the first and soon others followed. There were times when the management would ask for favors and understanding. I being the tournament director of an association would readily and without second thoughts would concede just so the center could earn a little more.

Regular club and association leagues are the lifeline of a bowling center. This is why the more successful centers give priority to these leagues than walk-in and corporate leagues. These regular leagues give the center a steady income while open bowlers and corporate tournaments are few and far between.

The owner of Elanes assigned his sister to manage the center. Without any background in running a bowling center, she overbooked events at the cost of the regular leagues. There were even times when leagues overlapped one another which caused delays. I can be irritating at times but I understand they also need the extra income.

Lately, this has become more frequent. So I met with the manager to discuss the matter. I asked how I could help. She had booked another league alongside ours and that she would be needing 10 lanes. The center had only 24 lanes and my leagues eats up 20. We agreed that I would contract my league so she can accommodate the other league. Since the other league is set to start mid-October, we used the 20 lanes.

Last week, I was told by the counter attendant that we could only use 16 lanes. I did not complain thinking that the other league was set to start that night.  I quickly adjust the lane assignments. I was surprised to see the lanes given to open bowlers. By this time, the manager was long gone. I asked the counter attendant why? She couldn’t give my a clear answer. I tried calling the manager on my mobile but she wouldn’t answer. Not long after, I got a flurry of text messages from her.

In other words, she reneged on our agreement. In the end, she told me that as the owner, she has full discretion. This really insulted me. We are paying customers and their oldest and most loyal at that. Despite poor oiling conditions and with machines breaking down, we stuck with them and even helped to make the lanes better to attract more players. I guess they don’t need us anymore. I intend to talk with the other leagues who I understand have experienced what we’re going through. I will file a formal complaint with the real owner and inform him of the arrogance and incompetence of his manager. Of course I will be transferring my league elsewhere. The bowling community is quite small. Everybody knows everybody. I’m sure they too will be shying away from Elanes.

Arrogance and incompetence has no place in business. If you want your business to succeed, you have to build up a regular clientele. You have to treat your regulars as partners and not mere customers.

*Elanes is located in San Juan City in the heart of Metro Manila. If you want to be treated right, don’t ever go there. The manager is interested only in one thing, herself.

August 27th, 2010 | Author:

My job entails a lot of printing. With the volume of printing I need for my clients, I cannot do it all on my personal printer. I also do not have the luxury of time to go out and go to a printer to have all these jobs done. This is why I go by way of online printing. I simply send them the materials and details for my projects. Proofreading and finalizing the final print is no problem. Even my intellectual rights are protected. This is what I call convenient printing!

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