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Many schools have a student of the month award that picks one student out of a class as the top student from the past 30 days. When you bring in this type of program to your own school, you need to think about how you will pick students and how to award them for their work. It’s often helpful to pick a male and female student from the whole school or to pick one student from each class. The awards that you give those students can give them more confidence and make them feel better about their achievements.

Host an Assembly

Hosting an assembly is a fun way to pass out awards and recognize students. The assembly can range from just a few minutes to a full class period. Other students will begin looking forward to getting out of class for a little bit too. You can make the assembly a surprise and not notify students until you call their names, but you can also tell the winners in advance. Letting kids know ahead of time lets you get some feedback and determine if some kids will feel uncomfortable standing up on stage.

Hand Out Awards

Even if you decide against an assembly, you still want to give students some type of award. Certificates are a good option because you can use the computer software you already have to create a basic template and simply fill in the winner’s name later. Giving kids a small gift bag with some candy or simple snacks and a few cheap toys will help them feel good about winning too. Depending on the number of kids you pick each month, you might hand out small plastic trophies. These trophies are usually more affordable than you might think, especially if you buy in bulk.

Send Awards Home

While some kids will love running home and telling their parents about their big wins, other kids may feel too embarrassed or nervous to tell their parents. Sending home a simple letter that announces the news with a sticker inside will help parents feel as excited as their children do. You can design and make your own custom bumper stickers online, have those stickers mailed to you and include one in the letter that you send home. If your home has a school newsletter, you can include a list of winners at the end of the month too.

Student of the month awards let kids know that they did a great job and that their teachers noticed. Some of the best ways to celebrate the occasion include hosting a school assembly, giving students small prizes and sending award letters home with winners.

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