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A new or used car can end up costing you a lot of hard-earned money. If you remember these simple tips, you can get a great deal on a VW Jetta in Chicago. Head into the right dealership with a great strategy, and you could walk away with a new ride and some extra cash. Strategically speaking, the customer has the advantage in every car-buying situation. If you feel like your deal isn’t going the way you would like, you can always get up and walk away. No salesperson or dealership can force you to buy a car. Always remember that you are in control and getting a great deal will be highly likely. Before you walk into the dealership, make sure you have your strategy worked out. Think about how you will speak to your salesperson and be ready for any possible situation.

Be Kind to Get the Best Deal

Approach your salesperson with kindness. Engage in a bit of friendly banter and find out a little something about the person trying to sell you a car. A friendship with the person selling your car is the best option. Being mean or indifferent towards them will only hurt your chances of getting a great deal. This general rule of being nice to people to get what you want should apply to the rest of your life as well!

More Tips to Save Money

A baseline of friendship will not stop your salesperson from trying out their regular strategies. They will most likely offer to let you take the car home for the day. Be prepared to refuse this offer. Spending time with the car can make you emotionally attached. Emotions are a great tool to get people to spend money. Make sure to shop for VW Jetta in Chicago on a weekday when business will be slow. Being the only customer on the lot is a great advantage. Haggle for the lowest possible price of the car and get it in writing before you talk about financing, paying cash, or the value of your trade-in. Follow these tips and get the best deal.

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