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One of the inevitable outcomes of owning an older car is dealing with worn out auto parts. When your battery dies or your fan belt breaks, you need to buy a new one. However, few people know what to do with their used auto parts when they replace them.

If you’re clever, you’ll take your Los Angeles used auto parts and turn them into savings—perhaps even a profit.

Here are three ways to dispose of your used auto parts, depending on what they are.

1. Trade It in For a Discount

With larger automobile parts, you can often trade them in for a discount on your new one. Plenty of auto shops buy used car batteries, for example. The selling price will be deducted from the overall cost of your new battery.

Even if the auto shop doesn’t buy used batteries, your old battery may be covered under a warranty. In that case, you’ll still be able to trade it in for a small discount on your new battery.

2. Recycle It

If you can’t trade in your used car part, or if it’s broken beyond use, you may have to recycle it. In order to do so, you’ll have to find a recycling facility that accepts metals. Check in your local phonebook or through online listings.

Some facilities pick up your auto parts for you, while others require you to provide transport yourself.

While this option isn’t economically profitable, you’re doing your part to preserve finite resources. Your used car parts will be melted down and used to create new metal products.

3. Sell It as Scrap Metal

By far the most profitable option is selling your used car parts as scrap metal. If your auto part is made of metal, find a local scrap yard and call ahead to see if they are accepting pieces like it. If they are, take it down to the scrap yard and make a deal. Be sure to research typical rates so you know you’re getting a good deal.

If the yard accepts your piece, you’ll receive a check in return. This could help defray the costs of replacing your auto part.

Turning Burden into Blessing

Your Los Angeles used auto parts can turn into a help, even if they’re a pain to replace. Just do your research and you’ll find an appropriate avenue for disposal. You might even make a few bucks in the process.

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