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When you stop winning the sweepstakes you play, it’s a little like smacking into a brick wall. One minute, you’re cruising right along and everything’s going well. The next, you’ve come up against an obstacle that’s blocking your path. When you’re on a losing streak, find alternate ways of winning to turn your luck around.

Alternate Ways to Win

If you’re not winning the sweepstakes you’ve been entering, maybe it’s because you need to make a change. Open your mind, and open yourself up to new winning opportunities, by finding alternate ways to win.

  • Find freebies. Lots of sweeps offer small prizes even to non-winners, which actually means that everyone is a winner. You should also sign up to get free samples; many sites offer these opportunities along with sweepstakes opportunities. The “prize” isn’t big, but it is a prize. Once you get that winning feeling, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get past a losing streak.
  • Local sweeps. Sweepstakes aren’t just online. Broaden your sweepstakes horizons by entering local sweeps as well. Radio contests are happening daily at local levels. Follow local businesses on Facebook and Twitter, listen to the radio while you’re entering sweeps, and you’ll find lots of alternate ways to win.
  • Daily sweeps. Don’t forget about daily sweeps opportunities. RewardIt offers daily prizes on Twitter and elsewhere. Create a list of bookmarks of daily ways to win, and make a habit of entering. The more you enter, the more chances you have to win. Daily prizes give you plenty of alternate ways to win, and you’ll have tons of chances to break that losing streak.
  • Take your time. Some sweeps require a little more than a name and an email address. There are some sweepstakes contests that ask trivia questions, ask entries to play games to win, or provide something else extra. Take the time to enter these contests, because fewer people are doing so. You’ll have less competition, and many more chances to win.
  • Read sweepstakes blogs. If you’re looking for alternate ways to win, you’ve got to find more sweeps! The RewardIt blog is chock-full of sweepstakes opportunities through the site and elsewhere. The more you look for new opportunities, the more you’ll find. If you don’t enter them, you certainly won’t be winning.

Alter Your Attitude

Attitude is the essential ingredient to any sweepstakes win. Don’t be tensed up and focused on winning when you’re doing your daily sweeps. Relax, have fun and just play the game. Your casual attitude will generate positivity that will help defeat the negativity of your losing streak. Just keep having fun, and before you know it you’ll start winning again.

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