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My son has taken a liking to collecting electric trains. He has already several sets and has asked me to help him construct a diorama for his trains. We’ve actually started to design the layout but the scarcity accessories especially buildings has hindered our project. Very few hobby shops have stocks of these and in all likelihood, we’ll have to scratch-build most of these. I’ve bought plastic sheets, rod and bars for this and bought some balsa wood as well. The problem now is for the buildings’ texture and details.

While searching to solve this problem, a fellow enthusiast suggested a solution. Paper buildings are what he used in his diorama. He used a software to print out the details of his buildings.  Hmmm… what a novel way to go about it. What’s great about it is that even details for walls and roofs can easily be printed.I can use these on whatever type of building I choose to build. Even window designs are included in the  This will also be a cheaper option to buying kits.

I told my son about this and he can’t wait to begin our father-son project. Now he’s even thinking of another diorama project that would feature his military models. I glad that my son and I share the same hobby. This will surely strengthen our relationship.

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    Very glad to read your story of what your son and you are working on. We can send you a free copy to enjoy!