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After personally taking care of my aunt for two years, my Mom is all stressed out. She definitely needs a long vacation. Since she retired, she has done quite a bit of traveling. Her last trips were China and Los Angeles. To give her some time off, we’ve decided to give her a nice vacation for Mother’s Day. We’ve decided to send her to New York, a place she frequently visited during her official trips when still with the IMF.

But this time around, we want her to have fun instead of work. So we’ve decided on a package tour for her so she can enjoy the sights and sounds of the “City that never sleeps.” There are so many Things to do in New York. Aside from fine dining and countless hours of shopping, she can visit the historic places of the city. She’s never watched a show in Broadway and we made sure that she’ll get to see one or two on her vacation. She’ll be able to really have fun since she has friends and cousins living there.

This trip will definitely take her mind of the recent loss of her sister and would give her the time to recover. I hope she likes our gift.

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  1. hey Joel…what a great, great gift!!! I’m from the island of Manhattan…so, if your Mom needs some ‘fine dining’ ideas, or if she has any questions, I’d be happy to chime in…she’ll have a great, great time!!!